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Ground floor opportunities are rare and require action be taken when good ones are presented. When opportunity knocks, you can either answer the door or just wait for it to walk away. The founder of Frog Fitness, Richard Pearce has a long track record of taking raw ideas off the back of “a proverbial cocktail napkin” and turning them into multi-million dollar business. Mr. Pearce has been featured in Success Magazine

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and has been asked to do many motivational and entrepreneurial speaking engagements. His ability to be successful in such a wide and diverse range of business is truly unique.

From Cash Registers and point of sales equipment “where he credits his best real world business learning experience came from” by automating literally hundreds of business covering the full gambit from hotels and motels, to fast food and fine dine, any store you might see in a mall to theme parks as well as night clubs bars you name it. As his reputation spread in his mid-to-late twenties he began being hired to be a “business consultant for virtually any type of business.” The bottom line was, If money came in your business for the goods and services sold, Richard was the man to see to stream line your operation, eliminate waist and maximize profits in your establishment.

As a Frog Fitness Authorized Trainer, Reseller and Distributor, you will have ongoing access and support from Dr. Jacob Wilson, a leading PHD in the field of Sports and Human Performance, Mike O’Hearn, the living legend to assist you in any workout and training questions. Most of all you will have Richard Pearce to help you every step of the way by imparting his many years of his business knowledge to ensure you’re wildly successful.

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His additional startups included CashGraf Software which was a small business all-encompassing software package, decades ahead of its time “where he was able to convince controversial talk show host, Rush Limbaugh to become their spokesman,” a feet Bill Gates himself had failed to do on multiple occasions, because Rush uses a Mac and didn’t want to represent a product he himself didn’t use. How did Richard overcome that one… you just need to know Richard.

Pearce sold that company through equitable securities and then invented portable snow melting mats, from his garage in St. Petersburg Fla. Of all places. Having seen the massive effect of putting the right face on the right brand as he had with Mr. Limbaugh, Pearce set out to find the perfect face of the new brand ClearPath Inc. Due to the seasonal congruence of the fall and winter season, Pearce felt a big name from the NFL would be his best play and in 1997, none were bigger than NFL Hall of Fame Super Bowl Champion, John Elway. Pearce traveled to Colorado met with Mr. Elway and left with an agreement in hand and promptly moved his family from St. Petersburg Florida to Denver Colorado. Pearce eventually reach an agreement to sell the company to the Tyco International Corp.

Pearce also founded and built up Refuze2Luz Sportswear which he sold and is now owned by the DC Shoe Company with the more traditional spelling. He was also the brains behind Dickens Cider Energy Drink, Turn Left Energy Drink and the publicly traded Dc Brands as well as Hard Nutrition. In June of 2012 Pearce accepted a $15 Million+ offer for his Hard Nutrition and moved his family to Texas where he always felt most at home.

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During the period in Colorado Pearce, a lifelong athlete, became partners in The Colorado Pro Gym due to his love and passion for all things health and fitness. It was at the Gym that the idea for a commercial grade “Total Body Training Device” unlike anything before it was born. Now, after more than 3 years and several million dollars, working through 5 generations of prototypes and fully testing the machine while adhering to strict scientific guidelines and under the watchful eye of Dr. Jacob Wilson of the University of Tampa, the Frog was proven to be “The Single Most Effective Total Body Training Device Ever Invented!”

Through the process of building these many successful companies Richard Pearce has watched the business climate and go to market strategies change radically. One thing Pearce has no time for is the amount of dead weight that must be paid for in nonproductive middlemen and outrageously priced shelf space from retailers who couldn’t care any less about you or your brand if someone else is willing to write an even bigger check. That means an average of 30% of profits going into the pockets of people who touch but do not care about your product before it even gets to the store shelf. THIS MONEY AND MUCH MORE CAN BE YOURS! That’s where this dynamic Frog Fitness Authorized Reseller opportunity is so unique and potentially extremely lucrative, with a very minimal cost to get started for such a turnkey opportunity.

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Now with a great track record and his most exciting product yet, Pearce is ready to help teach and tutor every member of the Frog Fitness network of authorized trainers and resellers. Richard was extremely humbled when looking for just the right spokesman and he reached out to “The Fitness Legend, Mike O’Hearn” The two hit off immediately but Pearce was surprised when Mike said, “I don’t want to just be a spokesman, I have done well in life and I want to be a true partner, because this thing and your go to market strategy is going to change many, many lives for the better and that’s what I’m all about!”

If you are willing to work grab the bull by the horns and make the most of a golden opportunity like any successful entrepreneur!

By all means PROCEED!

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